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Gasoline Oil Company

We think global

All Brands - One Supplier


Gasoline Oil Company GmbH is an international company that exports lubricants in more than 30 countries around the world.

True to the motto "top oils at fair prices".

Through our cooperation with international producers, we can always provide our customers with the most modern technology, we offer a comprehensive standard program, special solutions, with high product and quality advice, at fair prices.
Our environment is very important to us, the greatest concern is to sustain our planet and its climate sustainably for our children and the generation thereafter.






We are the attractive and competitive partner for lubricants for our customers.
We offer services and solutions that quickly create sustainable customer benefits.


Close attention to the needs of our customers is an essential key to success. Every customer is an individual whose trust and respect we must earn through diligent work.


Honesty is the basis of our daily activities, both in internal and external communication, open and honest communication is our goal.











We distinguish ourselves to all partners by above-average efficiency, we only want to orient ourselves to the best.
Partnership thinking makes our business success.
We all think and act entrepreneurial, initiative and responsible.


With our service we gain the trust of the customers and thus generate additional marketing potential.
We master every new task with enthusiasm.


We maintain good relationships with our existing customers and focus on opening up new markets.







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